Ceramic Crowns and Ceramic with metal Crowns

There are many crowns available today and Dr.s McFarland and Gobbel are able to provide you with the correct type of crown for your situation. All Ceramic crowns, porcelain fused to metal and full gold crowns all have their place and are prescribed to patients depending on their needs. A crown is used to replace missing or damaged tooth material when insufficient natural tooth structure remains. After the tooth is prepared and impressions taken for use in the dental lab, a temporary crown is placed until the return visit. This second appointment is made for two weeks after the first one and the pearmanent crown is then adjusted and cemented into place. All ceramic crowns are the preferred choice for teeth that are visible in a smile because they are designed to blend in against natural teeth. A well designed ceramic crown is visually indistinguishable from your natural teeth giving you the appearance of a healthy intact smile.

Crowns made with a metal substructure or porcelain fused to metal are often used in the back of the mouth for a combination of both strength and appearance. These crowns have the ability to withstand heavy pressure and still maintain a natural tooth appearance. When a tooth is missing and crowns are used to form a bridge, metal is usually incorporated into the framework for strength and rigidity. Today, gold crowns are used almost exclusively on posterior teeth, usually on people with a history of clenching or grinding their teeth. A properly fabricated gold crown can last for many years without fear of breakage.

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