Complete and partial dentures

Our doctors have years of experience in fabricating both complete and partial dentures that will provide you with the fit, function and appearance your desire. We consider many factors including the condition of the tissues, the amount and condition of the bone structure, and the size and shape of your mouth. We use only the best ADA approved materials and the latest techniques. Usually four or five visits are required to custom fit your dentures to give you the best possible result. Follow up treatment is provided at no additional charge to insure your satisfaction.
In addition to traditional dentures, Dr. McFarland uses dental implants to stabilize both complete and partial dentures so that they can be snapped into place, making them seem much more like your natural teeth. Mini dental implants are an exciting addition to the options we can offer as these are placed in as little as one hour and can give you the secure confident smile you deserve. Call today for a consultation to see which treatment is the most appropirate for you.

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