We always honor our patients concerns over finances and will recommend several treatment options so that you may chose the one that best suits your needs.

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Personalized Financial Plan
We try to discuss all aspects of your treatments including fees at your initial consultation. Every effort is made to work with you so that you may receive your necessary dental treatment. We work with several outside sources to assist in financing when that is helpful to you. Our policy is to request payment at the time of service or have financing in place. We try to avoid the cost of sending statements because of the cost of paperwork, postage, and manpower. If during the course of treatment the doctor feels any changes are required that would effect your financial obligations, we will discuss that prior to beginning the procedure.

Working with Insurance
Dental insurance plans are as different as the patients that bring them to our office. We ask that you bring your card with you to every visit so that we can check our records to make sure all the information on file is accurate. We file claims electronically as a benefit for our patients, but please remember that your insurance is a contract between you and the carrier. We do not dictate reimbursement levels or the services that are covered. We wil provide your insurance carrier with all the necessary information to pay your claim in a timely manner. We do accept assignment of benefits from most carriers and will do all we can to help you receive the maximum benefit possible.

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